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We help our clients deliver strategic technology projects and bring business ideas to life through the use of modern, scalable, and cloud-native software approaches

Product Strategy & UX Design

Great products start with the user. Whether you just need two weeks of product consulting or just some extra insight into improving your project, we're always working to help you ship something simple, effective, and usable.

Everybody on our team cares about user experience. Whether we’re performing interviews and producing formal plans, sketching quick wireframes, or evolving an existing app to improve the UX, we’re always considering how we can improve the experience.

Web Apps & APIs

All apps need a web presence. Whether it’s a simple landing page, a mobile web version of your app, or an admin panel for desktop users, your app will need to be accessible via web browsers.

Almost every app needs an API as well. Some of our clients have talented server teams that can stand up a robust RESTful API, but need help on the mobile development side. For other clients, we build the API ourselves, using simple prototyping or modern Node.js frameworks.

Application & Platform Tuning

We like hard problems. Our experience with performance-intensive apps make us unusually suited to solving hard problems in mobile, desktop, and the web. We love building apps that have a real-time component like data feeds, or streaming notifications. We’re adept at blending high performance functionality and UI into beautiful cross-platform mobile apps.

High performance doesn’t just mean 3D of course. A great user experience means smooth scrolling and navigation, which for some data-intensive applications means serious performance analysis and tuning.

Application Modernization & Business Automation

Old technology and outdated apps hold you back. Without realizing it, many business lose thousands of hours of productivity due to outdated tooling and applications. We ensure that our clients get great value by helping them automate time-consuming elements of their business, while employing industry best practices.

Mobile Development

Mobile apps don’t need to be awkward. We take the same care and attention to detail we spend on web development as well.

Don't let the nuances of device compatibility, app stores, and mobile development get in the way of your mobile presence. More and more users are engaging businesses through their mobile presence and we'll be right there to provide support and advice on what mobile development approach makes sense for your business.

Shipping, Iterating, & Handoff

We live to ship. A product doesn’t end when the last line of code is written for version 1.0. We help clients get their apps on the app stores and the web, then iterate based on user feedback. In the long term, most clients want to take the reins and continue development of their apps in house. We’re available for training on both the specifics of your app and the broader world of application development.

You're in great company

We serve small businesses with great ideas, hardworking nonprofits committed to the community, and some of the best-known companies in the New York Tri-state Area and beyond.
  • Brightbox
  • Automated Data Processing
  • World Bank
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Sunoco
  • New York City Board of Education
  • The Right Move "Free Chess For Youth" Foundation

Our Work

We strive to produce captivating designs and incredible experiences to wow your users and keep them coming back
  • Math and Psychology Experiment

    Web Design
  • Brightbox Kiosk and Web Applications

    Web and Application Development
  • Portfolio Item

    Calendar Application

    UI / Design

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